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College News

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Gower College Swansea is planning various activities across the campuses this year for Children in Need.

Look out for us in the common rooms where we will be selling the following:

2018 Gold Pudsey Pin Badge

2018 Rose Gold Pudsey Pin Badge

2018 Colour Changing Wristband

2018 Iridescent Pudsey Ears

2018 Iridescent Blush Ears

Cynhadledd Iechyd - Siaradwyr Cymraeg yn unig

Nghanolfan yr Urdd, Bae Caerdydd

Chwefror 16/17, 2019.  

Bydd y gynhadledd o ddiddordeb i rai sydd am astudio meddygaeth, deintyddiaeth nyrsio, ffisiotherapi, fferylliaeth, bydwreigiaeth ayyb.  

Cofrestru erbyn dydd Gwener 30ain o Dachwedd, 2018.  

In his latest bulletin, the Principal made reference to BBC's School programme. Episode 1 is now on GCS TV and can be accessed on the link below:


(please use your college login)

Library staff will be delighted to show you the benefits and features of our new GCS TV service.