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Student survey - your thoughts welcome on the induction process

Welcome to Gower College Swansea - and now that you are three weeks into the term, we would like to get your feedback on what you felt was good or not so good about the induction process.

Please complete the survey below so that we can improve for the future.

For more info on any activities, pleas email gcsactive@gcs.ac.uk

Gorseinon students 
Open gym sessions on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings 8.30am-9.30am
Mon: Basketball 1pm
Weds: Football at Loughor 1.30pm
Thurs: Basketball 1pm and Gym 2pm

The College is looking for friendly, reliable, confident students to act as Student Ambassadors to support our school liaison activity.

The role:

An incident occurred at the Tycoch site on Wednesday June 19th, a car belonging to one of our College staff, was stolen from the front car park at the site.CCTV footage shows that the perpetrators spent approximately 30 minutes attempting to start the car, during which the car alarm was sounding continually.