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College News

Indulge - but don't overindulge!

Whether it is a family get together or an evening with friends, we often do a lot of celebrating over the festive season. However with alcohol and snacks a-plenty, many additional calories may be consumed – as you can see from the calories of the nibbles below, it can be easy to eat the equivalent calories of a full meal just from all the party food and drinks available!

Do you drive ?

Do you know the dangers of driving ?

Do your friends know the dangers of the roads ?

Come along to the reception area in Tycoch today from 10am and visit the Swansea Council road safety team.

Car reg no NX56 RZS - please move immediately (Tycoch)

Higher Education open evening - Tycoch 18 November

If you are a Level 3 student and want to find out more about our range of HE courses then why not attend our open evening at Tycoch on 18 November

You can find more information here - https://www.gcs.ac.uk/news/arrangements-our-tycoch-campus-open-evening-%E2%80%93-18-november


With an election coming up on 12 December, it's vital to make sure you are registered to vote - you can do so here