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College News

Confident with a camera?
Thinking of a career in blogging / media / PR? 

We are looking for student photographers / videographers

Please email marketing@gcs.ac.uk for more information

With the weather changing we are seeing a number of students with bites so here is some general advice.

Avoid areas where you see flies gathering ( by trees, grass, ponds etc).

Keep windows, car windows, doors closed.

Wear clothing to keep legs, feet and arms covered.

Do not scratch bites as they will break the skin, which is an entry for infection.

Wash hands, keep bite area clean

See chemist for anti-histamines, bite creams etc.

A brand new support group for students - why not join us and make new friends?

Every second and fourth Tuesday of the month

Tycoch Campus

The College is looking for friendly, reliable, confident students to act as Student Ambassadors to support our school liaison activity.

The role:

Student survey - your thoughts welcome on the induction process

Welcome to Gower College Swansea - and now that you are three weeks into the term, we would like to get your feedback on what you felt was good or not so good about the induction process.

Please complete the survey below so that we can improve for the future.