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College News

Careers Wales website - new feature

There is a new section on the Careers Wales website - part of a campaign called Moving On Moving Up, which aims to provide information on options to students who are coming to the end of their course.


The candidates for election are:

Candidate 1 – Laimis Lisakus – Engineering Department

Candidate 2 – Yasmin Shipperley – Plumbing Department

Their individual manifestoes are attached below:

Voting will be open from 30 April 2019 from 8.30 am – to 7 May 2019

Voting will be available on MOODLE (one vote per person) – using your learner ID number.

We are aware of a number of incidents of notice boards and displays being taken down in Tycoch. Please be reminded of the College's Code of Conduct you agreed to at the start of the year -

You will not damage or deface property in any part of the College, on any transport or any other site being visited. In the event of you so doing, you will be responsible for any costs of repair.


A regular visitor to the College had his vehicle damaged at the Gorseinon Campus on Thursday 4 April.


Unfortunately, the damage is quite significant.


The damaged car is a black Astra convertible. The incident occurred between 12:10pm and 2pm in the diagonal parking spaces closest to the main entrance and next to the motorbike parking.