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College News

Ni’n chwilio am siaradwyr Cymraeg i siarad ar deledu mewn digwyddiad ar gampws Gorseinon ar dydd Gwener 9fed Chwefror – Dydd Miwsig Cymru.  Bydd disgwyl  i chi siarad am y diwrnod, cerddoriaeth Gymraeg etc.
Rhowch wybod os oes diddordeb a faint o’r gloch fyddwch chi ar gael dydd Gwener.




Wednesday 31st January 2018



A silver Clio - reg LX03 SNZ - has parked on yellow box and has blocked cars in. Please move it asap 

Please find below some really useful information about the events that are taking place during February to mark LGBT History Month


Lunchtime Pilates is on this week for staff and students

Wednesday 1.30pm in Gorseinon A Block -  A10 dance studio
Thursday 12.30pm in Tycoch Sports Centre – Squash court

Email: kristina.kullner@gcs.ac.uk to hold your place