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College News

Students and parents are invited to come along for a discussion on the above
Thursday 1st Feb at 7pm

Six students following the Oxbridge Preparation Programme at Gower College Swansea have been offered a place to study at Oxford or Cambridge in 2018. Read more - 

Active Fun for Active Kids – Spring Half Term – Friday 23 February

9.30am – 12.30pm (drop off your child / children and pick up times)

£4.50 per child, per session

A Level learners who have not applied to University, or perhaps feel that University might not be for them, have an exciting employment / work based learning opportunity.

The Better Jobs Better Futures team has developed a focused programme for up to 20 A Level learners. The programme will run for eight weeks and each learner will get a mentor that they will meet during A2 tutorial time, focussing on an exit plan for leaving college after completing their A Levels.