Incident at Tycoch – Car Theft

An incident occurred at the Tycoch site on Wednesday June 19th, a car belonging to one of our College staff, was stolen from the front car park at the site.CCTV footage shows that the perpetrators spent approximately 30 minutes attempting to start the car, during which the car alarm was sounding continually.

They had smashed a side window to gain entry.Despite a number of people walking past the incident and a car parking immediately behind the car, during this period, no one notified anyone within the College that there was an incident underway or that a car alarm was sounding.We would gratefully request that if any car alarm is sounding or you are suspicious of any activities in or around carparks or indeed any of our premises please notify Reception and/or the Estates department immediately.

Your continued support is critical to ensure the safety and security of all our staff, students and environment including personal property.